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Family Bussiness, providing you a 5 Star Luxury Dog Kennels & retreat for your Pet. 



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​In each kennel we provide a bed case, blankets and bowls for your dog. Heated lamps are also installed in each kennel and they are switched on during cold weathers, so your pet dog stays warm through their stay with us. Each Kennel is built in brick work. This may not look appealing to our customers but we chosed brickwork to keep a maintained sterlized enviroment for you dog. Yes, every morning each kennel is jet washed and scrubed clean with disfencted. This is important to us to keep a sterlized enviroment for your pet dog. We take this very seriously in our kennels as we dont want any diseases or flea's spreading to other dogs. We are glad that we can offer to our society a suitable loving place for your dog, that people can walk out happy and guilt free
. The rooms we provide is very spacious and calming for your dog, we use PVC doors instead of cages because we think that your dog should feel like that there at home.
Your dog is walked twice day, the morning and evening on our private 8 acres of land. Your dog is walked indivually. Your dog is never come into contact with another dog here during their stay. Each dog gets 1-1 care from our staff. They are also let out into our sand paddock upto 2-3 times a day. We try our very best to keep your pet out of it's kennel, we like to keep their bowls moving as much as they can. A healthy dog is a happy dog! 
We also play dog therapy music through the night, this helps dog that may be suffering with seperation anxiety and depression!! Your never know what a dog may be feeling!

Your Pet Is In Good Hands

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